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Sinapsio Innovation

Fortifying Telecom Security

Advanced Machine Learning

Our cutting-edge algorithms analyze real-time and historical data, detecting and preventing fraud proactively.


Sinapsio operates silently, identifying and stopping known frauds while adapting to evolving tactics.

Comprehensive Analysis

We cover every stage of the telecom journey, from signaling to media analysis, ensuring comprehensive protection.

Real-time Response

Sinapsio offers unrivaled visibility and responds instantly, using machine learning and network-shared data.

Fraud Prevention Made Easy

Sinapsio's Product Features: Your Guide to Effortless Security


Advanced Fraud Detection

Advanced Threat Identification

Sinapsio deploys cutting-edge machine learning and real-time data analysis to pinpoint potential fraud incidents with unparalleled precision. Our adaptive system stays ahead of emerging threats, ensuring your network remains protected.

Safeguarding Network Integrity

We're committed to defending your network's integrity. Our advanced fraud detection fortifies your telecommunications operations against evolving threats. Our vigilance and innovation work in harmony to keep your network secure.


Comprehensive Fraud Management

User-Friendly Dashboard

Sinapsio's intuitive dashboard gives operators a comprehensive view of their network's fraud landscape.

Effortless Incident Management

Operators can effortlessly monitor, investigate, and manage incidents with customizable alerts, in-depth reporting, and seamless system integration. Sinapsio is the ultimate tool for comprehensive fraud management.


Rapid Response & Prevention

Real Time Detection

Real-time detection and alerts enable operators to be notified, take swift action against potential threats, and thereby minimise financial losses and further damage to networks and reputation.

Automated Response Actions

Based on Sinapsios rapid detection and automation, we bring automated responses and real time prevention. By quickly detecting and responding to incidents, Sinapsio helps minimize financial losses and prevent further damage to networks and reputation.


Scalable & Future-Proof

Customised & Flexible & Adaptive

With flexible architecture and modular design, Sinapsio is built to scale, easily accommodating the needs of growing and evolving telecom operators.

Constant Innovation

Our commitment to ongoing research and development ensures that Sinapsio remains at the forefront of anti-fraud technology, providing a future-proof solution that evolves alongside your business

“With this new anti Wangiri fraud tool, A1 Wholesale has demonstrated the effectiveness with proof of concept. We have successfully prevented massive attacks in the high six figures within a weekend, while end customers have not noticed any of these activities. This new tool works in an extremely satisfactory manner. As a leading telecommunications provider it is of utmost duty to prevent any fraud and help our customers save costs and inconveniences.”
“After being somewhat skeptical in summer 2022, today we can say that this innovative technology has done a great job for us. Our customer experience has greatly improved, while fraud disappeared from our network. What we appreciate the most is that it works silently and automatically 24/7.”
“Years of accumulated experience have been narrowed down to this product. The entire team has put themselves into this software and we are all really proud of the outcome and really consider it a masterpiece.”
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Experience Real-Time Vigilance and Multilevel Protection with Sinapsio

Sinapsio’s fraud detection empowers security with a dynamic blend of real-time identification and multilevel defense. Backed by machine learning, it proactively analyzes calls, adapting to evolving fraud patterns effortlessly. From the signaling stage to post-processing, our comprehensive solution ensures your telecom security remains fortified and resilient against all fraud threats.


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